Our Story



Northside is inspired by the thriving cafe culture of Melbourne, Australia, where coffee is not just a caffeine fix, but a way of life. Combining the essential Aussie trinity of delicious brekkie, friendly service and third wave coffee, Northside is a space to take a pause from the busyness of everyday life, soak up the atmosphere and leave feeling like you’re a part of it all.

Born from the love of our morning ritual, we wanted to bring to Kingston our take on what coffee and brekkie really means to Melbournians: authentic service, genuine connection and high quality products, all in a space where you feel at home.

We are ridiculously passionate about coffee, food and the people we work with, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s breakfast, it’s supposed to be fun and relaxed!

(Now for the geeky background stuff...)

The café culture in Melbourne is second to none (no, not even to Portland or Vancouver!). With it’s roots grounded in Italian and Greek immigration in the 50’s, the communities in Carlton and Brunswick ensured that a love of espresso was firmly placed on the north side of the river. As the years progressed, coffee began to merge with fresh produce and the laconic, laid back sensibility of Aussie beach culture, seeing the emergence of a unique style of café.

Third wave (or what we call specialty) coffee became so strong in Melbourne, with people cultivating a product that was truly cared for, that even a massive American coffee chain (we won't name names, you can guess!) failed in most parts of Melbourne and now exists pretty much just at the airport.

Lately, heaps of Aussies are showing the world what we can do, with our special style of cafe popping up in major cities all over the place. New Yorkers and Londoners alike are going crazy for their morning flat white and avo smash. We are stoked to bring a piece of this to our new home town in beautiful Kingston.

We can't wait to meet you - see you soon legends!

Jess + Cade